Plan Your Visit

We are glad that you are planning to visit us!
Everybody is welcome here no matter your story or background.
We are Apostolic in our doctrine and Pentecostal in our experience!

What can I expect if I come to the Spirit of Life Apostolic Church?
You will find a group of people who are in a process of being Christ-like. We have imperfect messy lives, but we are pursuing and experiencing a transforming relationship with Jesus Christ. Everybody is welcome here no matter your story, your questions, doubts or struggles. The Spirit of Life Apostolic Church is a praying church, we are a giving church, we are a growing church; but above all, we are a caring church.

Where do I park?
There is parking along the front side of the building and as you drive in.

What is the worship service like?
In our services, there will be energetic praise going on through music and worshiping together. We clap our hands, lift our hands, sing aloud and offer heartfelt expressions of praise and receive a message from the man of God. You will discover that biblical expressions of praise and worship are still practiced today that were in the Book of Acts! We hope that you feel God’s presence and can connect to Him!

What are your service times?
Our regular service times are on Sundays at 10 & 11 AM and on Wednesday Bible Study – 7:30 PM

What can I wear?
Many people are not sure what to wear when they visit. We want you to be comfortable when you come, so wear what you are comfortable wearing. When you are at one of our services, you will see a range of styles from jeans to suits. Casual or “Sunday best,” will do.

What happens after-service?
At the conclusion of the service, our members often stay to talk with one another. We view our church as more than a building to come to a few times each week. We are truly a family, and as such, we enjoy spending time together. We often have dinners and other special events after services, during which we spend time talking and enjoying each other’s company. When we do not have a planned activity after the service, however, we frequently visit a restaurant in town to enjoy dinner and fellowship. You are always invited to join us.

We look forward to seeing you!